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A source ofinspiration

IT-Ernity is the largest independent ISP. With the ambition to reach market leadership as the number one internet solution partner. Trusted first call. A strong and steady beacon in the storm that the digital transformation is. Offering high performing and proven solutions.

We never settle, but keep challenging ourselves to look for the latest technologies. We want to be a source of inspiration. In our way of working, in our proven solutions, in the way customers perceive us. We want to lead the digital world.

Guiding you throughTransformation

We make it our business to get and keep our customers’ business going. We have a systematic and fact based approach to guide our customers through accelerating digital transformations. In the digital domains of solutions and services, and the transformation domains of business and operational transformation we make clear choices. We decide what activities are kept inside, what activities will be outsourced and where co-creation is essential.

With our solutions we enable business performance for our customers. Our passion is to understand our customers and their clients. We build these solutions and work intensely together with business consultancy agencies. Our focus is to be a full solution partner. That’s why we incorporate business intelligence about the industries by third parties and focus on our core business, internet solutions.

Our high-end solutions are continuously being commoditised into services for customers with a more operational and information technology driven demand. These solutions are constantly being standardised in building blocks and offer software companies the possibility to develop new functionalities and build new software and applications. In our vision we don’t compete with international computing companies, but use their technology and facilities to build our own services upon.

With these services we facilitate our customers to be operationally excellent. We scale our services so all our customers can benefit from them. With our own operations, we challenge ourselves every day to improve our services, our building blocks. We use a resellers network to distribute these services in the entire market. To service our customers, we work together with our partners, with business consultancy agencies. We share our knowledge to facilitate our customers.

This knowledge and our building blocks help us build new solutions that fit our customers. High-end, customised. To develop new solutions, the latest technologies and innovations are captured and valuated on their performance, security and potential. This leads to high-end and customised solutions that make our customers’ ambitions and aspirations come true.

Proud of our geek culture
We never settle
‘We never stop asking. There are always questions behind the questions.’

IT-Ernity is the holding of well-known and successful brands, servicing the broad IT segment from mass customer market to managed services for corporates and governments. We offer state of the art technology for infrastructures, networking, cloud solutions and hosting.


As the Internet has become a primary living condition, failure is not an option. We deliver made to fit internet solutions and services to drive business performance. For large, medium and small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. For our customers and their customers. For society. For everyone.


Reliability is key for our customers to achieve their goals. We believe in business continuity by standardisation of proven technology. We validate technologies and innovations in performance, security and potential, base additions to our portfolio on integrated building blocks and make them suitable for a wide range of customers.


Our passion is to understand and be inspired by our customers’ needs and objectives. They challenge us to design, build and operate the best answer for their needs. We create agile combinations of infrastructure, cloud and managed services to guarantee powerful solutions. For every customer. For any challenge.


We guide our customers through accelerating digital transformations. Freeing them of the complexity of those developments. Our customers can fully focus on their business goals, whilst business continuity is secured by IT-Ernity.